Embroidery provides an elegant, professional expression a heat transfer or screen print just can’t match. Even when mass-produced, an embroidery’s stitches are never completely the same from unit to unit. This grants the logo an exclusive, hand-made look that oozes quality and value.

You can provide us with a new design or purchase from our large selection of existing logos. Existing logos can be altered and custom-made per your needs. Up to 15 colours can be used in a single design.

While embroideries of course must look as well-made as possible, they must be maximally durable, too. That’s why we always use a strong polyester thread capable of withstanding industrial washing, heavy detergents, bleaching, chlorine, and stonewashing. It will always be the best choice for workwear, bed sheets, children’s clothing, outerwear, swimwear, towels, and other fabrics regularly bleached and exposed to strong chemicals.

The digitized logo is sent to you in proof form, letting you see how the finished product will look. We don’t begin before you’re happy and have approved the proof. 

Many suppliers buy their products from external sources, which means losing a grip of quality control. At Wyestitch we manufacture our own embroideries on our own machines.

We'll  digitize your design to the highest possible quality.

The first step is always the biggest, and the first step on the way to a perfect embroidery is the digitization of the logo. When Wyestitch digitizes your logo, we factor in the fabric onto which it is to be printed and in what environment it is to be used. When the logo has been digitized, we stitch and adjust until it is perfect.

We test all designs to ensure the best possible look on any fabric.

Not all fabrics are created equal. A design embroidered onto one type of polo shirt needs a quite different design composition than one embroidered onto an Oxford shirt. At Wyestitch we sew a test embroidery  and adjust as needed to ensure the best possible result.

Not all embroidery threads are created equal. Some cheap threads cannot withstand repeat washing or tumble drying. Many printers producing large embroidery batches choose the cheap way out in the shape of nylon threads instead of the excellent polyester threads. At  Wyestitch we exclusively use polyester threads for our embroidery solutions. We also make sure to match the thread weight and the colour to best possible.

The above are just some of the reasons Wyestitch has built a large customer portfolio in the Hereford area and understands the importance of image management and branding. 

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